Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Radiant Glo sell professional tanning solutions and equipment solely for trained and certified therapists. Radiant Glo provide professional quality products from the industry’s largest suppliers that conform to all required EU regulations and requirements. That said, it should be noted that when using our products (as with all other providers products) your clients be aware that they may react differently to a tanning solution or product that they have not previously used. It is important to this end that each client is patch tested prior to their first tanning session (and whenever a different product is to be used). Radiant Glo suggest that at the very minimum, your client should be patch tested at least 20 minutes before full coverage but ideally 24 hours before. Radiant Glo can provide a client consultation sheet which could highlight any possible problems prior to treatment such as allergies and skin conditions which may cause a reaction. Radiant Glo will accept no liability for any procedure/application carried out that has not conformed to patch testing, prior client consultation and adhered to other required procedures and precautions as described on the labels on each product. Radiant Glo provide professional tanning solutions and products to trained Therapist who are certified in Spray Tanning. We accept no responsibility for our products being used by untrained users. Training courses can be provided by Radiant Glo.

Whilst all tanning solutions from all companies may provide consumers with the relevant number % DHA, it must not be assumed that all products will provide the same colour shade. Radiant Glo accept no responsibility for a variation of our shade with other supplier’s shades.


All pop-up tents are notoriously difficult (especially for new users) in the ‘close down’ stage. We strongly advise customers to practice the ‘popping up and ‘closing down’ of these units prior to use before procedures with their clients. Care should be taken not to ‘unnaturally’ force down the tent. We provide instruction on the correct procedures on our website.

All spray tanning machines create noise. The decibels each machine creates is clearly shown on our particulars of sales relevant to each machine. We strongly advise that purchasers be aware of the noise level of each machine and that they accept this at point of purchase. It is also important that all Therapists/users of any machines we supply, read all manuals provided by the manufacturer contained in each box and adhere to them. No refunds or returns can be made in respect of noise or incorrect use of machines.

Payment of goods

All goods including any relevant vat and postage costs are to be paid for before delivery, no exceptions.


All proposed delivery times and dates as stated by Radiant Glo are in good faith from details and assurances provided to us by our chosen couriers. Our preferred couriers are not chosen on the cheapest price but on what we believe, to be the best overall total service. Radiant Glo will aim to provide the best service that we possibly can. However, we cannot guarantee any delivery date or time as this is solely the responsibility of the courier once they have collected consignments from us. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for any transport/delivery delays or any other delivery circumstances out of our control. We will endeavour to get your product to you as fast as possible should problems arise from our couriers.


Returned goods will only be accepted where the buyer has contacted us at sales@radiantglo.co.uk and we have provided a ‘Returns authorisation Number’. This number must be quoted/documented on any return.

Cancellation Unwanted Goods

If you order and pay for goods and thereafter wish to cancel those goods, we will endeavour to accommodate your requests. However, charges will be applied depending on the stage that we are in (or thereafter) completing your purchase/delivery.

1st stage;

Cancellation before packaging has commenced = 100% refund.

2nd stage;

Product have been boxed ready for shipment = 100% refund less cost of packaging and labour.  This is solely based on the size of consignment. Our only charge is for reasonable costs incurred in preparing the order.

3rd stage; 

Goods have been packed and collected by courier and delivered to buyer. If goods (all or in part) are requested to be returned at this point a 10% restocking fee shall apply to any goods returned. All postage costs incurred by buyer (from us and in return to us) shall not be refunded.

A ‘Returns authorisation number’ must be obtained from us by contacting us at sales@radiantglo.co.uk. The returned product parcel should clearly state this return number and goods shall be well packed and returned in a re-saleable condition. If goods are returned (that in our opinion) are unsatisfactory for resale or/and any relevant seals have been broken, no refund shall be given for these products. In this case the buyer can, within a two-week period, arrange for collection of these un-refunded goods. After the two-week period we shall dispose of these products.

Our returns policy aims to reasonably refund us for the costs that we have incurred in dealing with your order. We aim to make no profit on this work and endeavour to work with you ongoing, safe in the knowledge that we provide fair and simple returns.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

We are happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Please contact us at sales@radiantglo.co.uk and we will reply at our earliest opportunity.

Free Posters, Banners & Marketing Material

All Free material will be dependent on level of minimum purchase. Radiant Glo will determine the purchase level acceptable to provide marketing material at no extra cost.