Spray Tanning Essentials Disposables Pack

The Complete Spray Tanners Pack

25 Pairs of Clean Feet

100 Hair Nets

100 G Strings

25 Face Masks

100 Folded Wet Towels






25 Pairs of Clean Feet; 
Designed to protect the soles of your feet from unwanted spray tanning residue.
Simply peel the paper to expose the sticky surface before placing on the floor and standing on, prior to your spray tanning session.
These Clean Feet are made from Foam for comfort and they will stick to the whole of your feet. One size fit’s all.
100 Disposable Hair Caps;
Providing the most comfortable means of protecting client’s hair during a spray tan treatment. Helps to keep unwanted hair off the face.
100 G’Strings;
Designed for spray tanning to keep underwear spray tan free. One size fit’s all. Individually wrapped for added hygiene.
Pack of 50 Lightweight Face Masks,
Disposable, Non-woven, 3-ply, green with Loops
Pack of 100 Tanning Essentials Folded Wet Towels
Easy to use folded wet towel, ideal for post tanning 50 folded wet towels


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