Self Tan Medium Mousse . 2 Hour Fast Tan + FREE Application Mitt
Natural & Organic Ingredients

Radiant Glo Tanning Mousse will help you to create the perfect natural; looking tan, leaving your skin soft and bronzed and without the use of harmful chemicals. MADE IN AUSTRALIA

– 2 Hour Rapid Self Tan Mouse
– Fast drying
– Easy application, natural gradual fade




£19.00 £15.00



A Tanning Mousse that will help you to create the perfect tan, leaving your skin soft and bronzed. Enriched with Moroccan Argan oil which is a natural antioxidant rich in natural fatty acids to help your skin retain its youthful glow which helps to reduce fine lines and deeply hydrates your skin.

  • SELF TAN MEDIUM MOUSE- Are suitable for all skin types . A fast-drying formula that can be rinsed off after two hours while your tan continues to develop!
  • Our Non-sticky formula of moisturising dense organic Moroccan Argan Oil and Organic Aloe Vera nourish your skin and stop it drying out, allowing your tan to fade more naturally
  • All our products contain, Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, with NO Propylene Glycol, No Parabens & No PEG’s, they are 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and PETA Endorsed.
  • They also include, Guarana, Caffeine, Vitamin E, Green Tea & Grapefruit seed extract, with the aim to achieve a firmer looking skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • A PREMIUM TANNING RANGE that has been created and produced in Australia.
  • Simply beautiful, natural looking shades

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It can absorb everything that is placed onto it. Choose your tanning products wisely. Do others match up to Radiant Glo ?


is double sided and your perfect tool to create a flawless streak free finish for your self tan mousse.

  • SOFT ON YOUR SKIN – Our premium soft velvet mitt features a waterproof inner membrane film.
  • HOW TO USE: slide hand into the mitt, pump out a small amount of tanning foam (1 to 2 pumps) on to the mitt, apply to the body in long circular movements, spreading evenly all over. 
  • Rinse mitt after use and allow to dry completely before re-using
  • HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR MITT: Hand wash in warm water, wash between applications, do not bleach or iron.

Reviews (39)

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39 reviews for Self Tan Mousse – Medium (200ml) Natural . Organic . Vegan + FREE Application Mitt. FREE DELIVERY

  1. Sarah J Hughes


    10 September 2019

    Love this product.
    I left it on for 2hrs and I got a lovely natural golden glow, easy to use, no streaks….would definitely recommend

  2. Verified Purchase

    4 September 2019

    This tan is beautiful, easy to use and leaves a golden colour

  3. Annette

    3 September 2019
    Worth It
    Easy to use, no marks at all. It’s not sticky after applying . No orangey at all. It is just simply great.

  4. Chrissy C

    Does what it says on the tin! Woo Hoo!

    21 August 2019

    Great results – no ‘ tan ‘ smell and no allergic skin results which was ideal for me – one of the main reasons for buying this product . Have bought for other family members as I’m so impressed.

  5. Catherine Philip

    Vegan fake tan, great colour! Happy Shopper

    10 August 2019

    Lovely vegan fake tan. Very happy with it indeed

  6. El.B

    One of the best self tanners on the market!!
    5 August 2019

    Best tan I’ve used!!!! I’ve tried so many different self tanners like St. Tropez, St. Moriz, Bondi and they’re all ok, however I find with some they have a more green undertone and I find this makes my pale skin tone look dirty. However, RadiantGlo has a more red undertone and once the guide colour is washed off (I let it develop for about 4 hours) sits as a dark golden brown on my skin, it’s so easy to blend as well, as I find some become too patchy and clumpy when trying to blend out. Plus the mitt is high quality as well. Vegan and cruelty free is obviously a bonus, and it also supports a small business in Wales. Will 100% be buying again.

  7. Momo

    4 August 2019

    This is the best fake tan I have ever brought, it was so easy to apply and gave a good dark coverage, after an hour I checked the areas I had missed and went over them with the gorgeous thick mitt that comes with it. It dries quickly so you can go about your business whilst it develops, I left it on for 5 hours and there was no horrible smell. I was worried when I washed it off as I thought it may have all come away but to my surprise it left the most natural looking tan which even developed more over the next couple of days. I was complemented by a few people and advised them to try it, especially as other fake tans tend to give me a rash, this did not and lasted over a week. Will definitely buy again.

  8. Mark Stephen Slater

    Beautiful Colour
    4 August 2019

    Brilliant stuff

  9. Rasa B

    Best Ever
    24 July 2019

    I write this review, not because I got a product for free or something like that! I bought it, used it for quite a while, and decided that for the first time I want to write a review about a product, because I’m truly happy with it! I was always unlucky with self tan lotions, mousses, creams, whatever… After application, no matter how careful I prepped my skin before, I always came out orange, with dark knees, elbows and patches everywhere! So, never wanted to be seen in broad daylight ! Really tried everything, good brands and shit brands. I thought there was nothing that could make me look nicely tanned without going to sunbeds, to which I’m really against because of cancer fear.
    But I had to look good this time for my bros wedding and again I found myself searching the net for another tan solution… And I found it! OMG! The skin colour is fabulous, no patches, no bad smell. And it lasts for weeks! I mean it! I am showering every day, peeps, but this tan lasts at least 7 days after one application! I’m so happy, and I cannot recommend it more! I have fair skin, always get sun burn instead of sun tan, so this wee mouse is a best solution for me. And another good thing about it is that it’s natural! I’m definitely not going to buy and look for anything else anymore!

  10. Mrs S L Ramesh

    Absolutely Brilliant
    21 July 2019

    Lasted for my weeks holiday in Ibiza. Didn’t come off even after I was in and out of the pool. Would definitely recommend

  11. Red

    Lovely natural colour with no nasty smell
    20 July 2019

    Love this organic self tan mousse, it’s easy to put on & gives a really lovely natural colour, just needs a few hours then a rinse off, and no nasty smell. Lasts well too. Will definitely buy this regularly.

  12. Camstar

    Great product and colour
    19 July 2019

    I feel I’m a fake tan pro and I surprisingly love this. I’d say use a lovely quality mit, I’ve noticed a difference in the application by using this. Stays on for a long time and seems to fade well. I’ve been v impressed. Was looking for something without any nasty ingredients and this seemed to fit the bill nicely. Lovely colour too. Nice and medium/dark. Not for newbies to tanning though. You might find it too dark…

  13. Verified Purchase

    Definitely recommend
    12 July 2019

    Best false tan I’ve ever used, goes on easy using the great mitt, wash off after a few hours and left with an even natural looking tan, fine on face and body, lasts through a few showers, no odour, I have bought it a couple of times now (had to because my daughter has now started using it!) definitely recommend and wouldn’t use any other now!

  14. PinkMilk

    Beautiful even tan, easy application
    3 July 2019

    Absolutely amazing! I actually stopped using self tan for a few years and only applied the stuff you wash off at the end of the day.
    But after reading the great reviews I thought I would give this a chance. The results are incredible!!
    Super easy to apply with the supplied mitt, blends well, dries quickly…. After rinsing off the colour guide I just leave it on overnight and get up with a nice even tan. I’m very fair but I think I will try the darker mousse too.
    I’ve also started to use the tan extender which is equally brilliant.
    I spent a long time each day in the pool but it still fades evenly. An absolute find! I’m completely hooked and can recommend 100%!

  15. Alison Rimmington

    2 July 2019

    Best self tan product I have used ever!!!!!

  16. Zara

    Best fake tan I’ve used
    28 June 2019

    This is one of the best fake tans I’ve used in ages got it to use before my holiday as I’m really pale and didn’t want to go on holiday white and it gave me a great looking tan and it lasted my whole holiday!

  17. Jan

    Best tan I’ve used
    20 June 2019

    Best tanning mousse I’ve used and I have tried them all believe me use once a week and still looks good after 7 days we’ll worth it no streaks looks dark once you apply I apply at night then shower in the morning and it looks natural best value for money tan on the market

  18. Kayley

    5 June 2019

    Such a gorgouse colour After been washed off and gose on nice and easy

  19. DLC

    So impressed with this unknown gem
    4 June 2019

    I have not heard of this brand but i can say its AMAZING!!
    As a previous review said I have also used every tan on the market, I kept it on for 6 hours and I am so impressed with the colour. There really is very little smell, the formula is a lovely consistency and goes on with ease, helped with excellent quality of the mit.
    Even after a few hours I know this tan is going on repeat order.

    Will up date in a few days, but so far well worth the money

  20. Hannah

    No mitt!!
    3 June 2019

    I didnt receive the mitt so not happy about that as went to use and couldnt.
    Smells ok but havent used yet so unable to comment on the rest

  21. Maya

    Amazing and flawless tan!!
    23 May 2019

    Ok so i am very impressed by this self tanning mouse !! I am not very thorough nor patient person so my application wasn’t long or perfect but results was still flawless !! Lovely tan !! Now never mind mine slipper in the picture and i don’t have picture before tanning but my skin tone is milky white and the result its lovely nice golden tan !! I am now using it’s on regular basis And if i feel lazy i do just my legs and bum so it shows nice in distressed jeans or skirt as my top part do get some tan from sun anyways 🙂 just to add i do moisturise before applying as i get dry skin after and it does not affect the tanning effect i would say it actually makes it better especially knees and elbows …

  22. Natalie

    Nice product, red based tanning mousse
    16 May 2019

    Ive used near enough every tan on the planet so thought i’d give this a go & i’m impressed. I used it on my body & face.

    After application there is honestly very little smell at all, once developed there is a tiny bit of that distinct fake tan “weetabix” smell (my boyfriend pointed it out when he hugged me before work) but after a shower its gone.

    It is a red based tan, I generally will stick to the green based ones like st. tropez but even so this developed lovely and evenly, it strangley instructs you NOT to moisturise so I didnt…i wish i had on my hands however as they did develop slightly darker on my knuckles which must be a bit dry.

    Overall it is still looking nice after a week & I will use it again.

  23. Sharon

    Natural appearance, long lasting and easy to apply
    10 May 2019

    Natural appearance and very easy to use, a beautician friend is so impressed that she is switching to this, I had applied a week before seeing her and she was amazed it really lasts and is very natural

  24. Ann

    Idiot proof
    9 May 2019

    I am very impressed with the ease of application and the fact it goes on with out streaking. The best I’ve used

  25. Sharyn72

    Would highly recommend people to give this a try 🙂
    4 May 2019

    After reading review’s on this i thought id give it a try after buying many products i have to admit this one is the best by far, its great im very pleased 🙂 it was quick delievery no problems and it came in a little bag inside a box

  26. Nicola reviews

    10/10 Would recommend
    23 April 2019

    Love love love love love.

    I am so pasty white it’s scary. I’m not one to buy fake tan but as summer is almost here I thought I’d give it a shot. Well, can I just say thank you to whomever made this bottle of sunshine? It’s brilliant! It doesn’t smell and it gives the best tan around town. It’s more of a darker/natural tan than a cheesy puff tan.

  27. Miss Stephanie Ford

    Must read…Amazing product
    16 April 2019

    Really impressed with this tan.
    I usually use St Tropez but iv just brought this as the price was good and the reviews were 5 stars.

    The application Mit was super soft and the tan went on evenly and not patchy.
    It started dry within minutes and the smell was lovely.

    I have now washed this tan off after 4 hours and the results are amazing. No patches.. it lines

    Will never return to expensive St Tropez now after finding this product.

  28. Verified Purchase

    Great for skin with psoriasis etc. Amazing colour!
    3 April 2019

    I have bought this tan x2 now. I love it! I have psoriasis and this is the only tan I have used which hasn’t made it itch or brought my skin out in blotches. It last a few days and the colour is quite dark which is a bonus. Better than any of the main fake tan providers. Will continue to purchase religiously.

  29. Alison Moore

    The best
    22 March 2019

    Brilliant easy to use . No streaks and great colour. Definitely buy again .

  30. Michelle Nicholson

    Brown tan-Not Orange
    16 March 2019

    Excellent tanning product, lovely brown colour versus orange tone u get with others, the fab mitt is a plus as well 👍👍

  31. Thomo

    Good Tan
    7 March 2019

    Good tan. I have lots of allergy’s and this tan has been great.

  32. Chloe Metcalf

    Lovely product, the mitt is worth buying alone.
    10 February 2019
    Lovely smell, easy application and very nice colour. You can leave this in for 2-6 hours which is always a bonus if you are in a rush. The mitt is velvet for smooth and easy application and has a layer inside to protect the hands from staining.

  33. Michelle

    Goodbye Biscuit smell!!
    25 January 2019

    Really impressed with this tan. It was easy to apply with the high quality mitten that came with it. It developed into a natural looking colour that lasted longer than my normal tan. No streaks to be seen and doesn’t smell like biscuits which is always a bonus!

  34. Sophie

    Really Nice colour
    16 January 2019
    the most natural looking tan I’ve used. Good quality mitt. No patchiness and no nasty tanning smell. Very happy with this product.

  35. Danielle

    Love this product
    9 January 2019

    I am really impressed. I used this product for new year, it is now the 9-01-2019 and I still have a tan, it’s starting to fade but I have no blotches or lines. And I wouldn’t say I’ve looked after it or moisturised but it’s fading beautifully. I love that there isn’t a smell. And the mit is really nice- I usually get the mitt from Superdrug but this is so much nicer! I left the product on for 6 hours because I wanted a dark colour and with other products I usually get streaks around my legs and ankles when I do this. But I didn’t have a single streak and my ankles and wrists are flawless. Really happy 😃 will be back!

  36. JnH

    Brilliant fake tan with lots of natural ingredients
    4 January 2019

    Product went on very evenly, the colour is very natural and there is hardly no smell! The tan lasted about 5 days, would definitely recommend this is a great product.

  37. Angharad

    Good colour and no blotchiness
    29 December 2018
    Really liked this product. Comes out a good colour and isn’t blotchy. Can tell it will last a long time as you don’t need to put a lot on. Also the mit it comes with is a really nice material. Much nicer than some of the ones you get in places like Superdrug

  38. Yvonne

    24 December 2018

    Surprisingly good. Bought mainly for the cruelty free and vegan aspect but the product itself is brilliant, smells great and even the packaging was better than the other big names I regularly used to use. Will buy again.

  39. Verified Purchase

    No adverse reaction- good colour- no smell
    23 December 2018

    Delivery was prompt.
    I have really sensitive skin, I find it hard to find products I don’t react to. The colour is amazing, nice quality mitt, really easy to apply and it doesn’t smell like biscuits.
    Very pleased with result, Thank you, I will be back.