Self Tan Mousse – Dark (200ml) Natural . Organic . Vegan + FREE Application Mitt

Radiant Glo Dark Tanning Mousse will help you to create the perfect tan, leaving your skin soft and bronzed. Enriched with Argan oil which is a natural antioxidant rich in natural fatty acids to help your skin retain its youthful glow, helps to reduce fine lines and deeply hydrates your skin.


– 2 Hour Rapid Self Tan Mouse
– Fast drying
– Easy application, natural gradual fade




£19.00 £15.00



Radiant Glo’s Dark Tanning Mousse will help you to create the perfect tan, leaving your skin soft and bronzed. Enriched with Organic Moroccan Argan oil and Organic Aloe Vera which are natural antioxidant rich in natural fatty acids and help your skin retain its youthful glow, helps to reduce fine lines and deeply hydrates your skin.

– Suitable for all skin types- Fast-drying formula can be washed off after two hours while your tan continues to develop
– A fast drying and non-sticky formula and low odour inhibitors, so no nasty after-smell.
– Our Rapid ‘2’ hour rinse-off formulation is quick and easy, but it can be left on for up to 6 hours to achieve a deeper colour.
– Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil and Aloe Vera, this beautiful ingredients moisturise your skin and allow your tan to fade more naturally.
– We use Guarana, Caffeine, Vitamin E and Green Tea, with the aim to achieve a firmer looking skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
– Full of Antioxidants to fight ageing and drying of the skin.
– NA natural looking tan, with no fake ‘orange tones’, from subtle dark to deep and exotic, the choice is yours.
– With a fresh light fragrance, not over-powering and not sickly.
– Free from Propylene Glycol, No Parabens, No PEG’s – Suitable for Vegans
– Made in Australia

  • PERFECT RESULTS – This high-quality tanning applicator mitt is double sided and your perfect tool to create a flawless streak free finish for your self tan mousse.
  • SOFT ON YOUR SKIN – Our premium soft velvet mitt features a waterproof inner membrane film.
  • HOW TO USE: slide hand into the mitt, pump out a small amount of tanning foam (1 to 2 pumps) on to the mitt, apply to the body in long circular movements, spreading evenly all over. See below for detailed mousse application. Rinse mitt after use and allow to dry completely before re-using.
  • HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR MITT: Hand wash in warm water, wash between applications, do not bleach or iron.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED VELVET MITT – The Radiant Glo mitt is a double-sided velvet glove. It is a premium quality application mitt for applying your favourite self-tan mousse or lotion for perfect results, every time.


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19 reviews for Self Tan Dark Mousse (200ml) Natural . Organic . Vegan. Plus a FREE Luxury Application Mitt. FREE DELIVERY

  1. C Smith

    Love It!!!!
    26 August 2019

    Absolutely love this. I’ve literally tried almost every brand on the market and this is by far the best. Bondi Sands, Siena, St Tropez and Coffee don’t even come close. Would recommend this product

  2. SJ

    Truly amazing tan!
    19 July 2019

    Really easy to use, great colour, so natural looking with fabulous ingredients! This is just simply the BEST!

  3. Amanda Eachus

    5 July 2019

    Absolutely love this product , gives a deep real looking tan on first application . Smell is minimal and the mitt was perfect for a streak free application . Lasts ages as you only need a little of it.

  4. Ramon

    Great dark tan at a great price!
    11 June 2019

    I’ve used many tanning mousses, loving tan, isle of paradise, st tropez ect. But this! Not only is it a great price but the colour is so dark and so good! For only 2 hours left on its gives great colour, I havent even tried 6 hours so cannot imagine how dark it can get!! Definitely will be purchasing again. Its so easy to apply and use as you even get a mitt with it which makes it so easy to apply and smoothly, no streaks! No terrible smells! and it also lasts at least 7 days.

    Only small recommendation, cut out some of the plastic packaging you supply with it, ie. the bag. No need for it, the product will speak for itself when people try it and see their results!

  5. Kayleigh

    Beautiful dark tan
    26 May 2019

    Wow!!! This is by far the best fake tan I’ve ever used. I tanned my whole body before I went to bed then washed it off in the morning. I looked like I just came back from a 2 week holiday! Little tip for tanning hands… Leave on for around 2/3 mins then rinse off with water so you don’t end up with obvious tanned knuckles haha.

  6. Verified purchase

    Great dark colour, great application, amazing value for money!
    26 May 2019

    Love this tan! I had previously been using the medium colour but being dark haired like a deeper tan. This product does not disappoint! It doesn’t leave any scent, goes on great with the free applicator mitt and comes in lovely packaging. I have tried most fake tans over the years and this is definitely the best I’ve had for sure.

  7. Tara Harvey

    Good coverage very deep natural colour no streaks
    15 May 2019

    Fake tan

  8. Roseann Armour

    I bought the med tan as i would recommend it
    20 April 2019

    Great tan no streaks loved it

  9. Silvercat

    Does what it says!!
    8 April 2019

    Great for making my legs look good. Easy to apply and I am really impressed by the result and it it so easy to get this finish.

  10. Hayleyw

    absalutly love it
    8 April 2019

    i received mine today and absalutly love it i got the dark. it does have a little smell to it but not half as bad as some others. it hasnt streaked neither i would definatly reccomend and will be purchasing lots more. come in lovely gift bag aswell.

  11. Verified purchase

    Love it!
    5 April 2019

    Great price for the quality. Smells lovely and the colour is so natural and glowing. Does not dry out your skin either. Best tan I’ve ever used!

  12. Lisa Evans

    Radiant Glo is the best
    4 April 2019
    Used spray tan solutions, mousse and gradual tan over the years and this IS THE BEST !!!!!!!! Wouldn’t recommend anything else

  13. Candace Purvis

    31 March 2019

    Well, I’ve used a lot of tanning products over the years and this is the best! No streaks, a lovely colour and you can wash it off after two hours. The smell isn’t great but that’s what you get with self tan, my daughters say it’s a beef hoola hoop smell. I would definitely recommend and definitely buy again!

  14. Samantha

    5 Stars just isn’t enough
    15 March 2019
    I’ve ordered this product a few times for myself and because its so amazing I’ve started ordering it as presents for friends. 2 hours goes so fast and the tan last just like a 12 hour application. Could not be happier, you have a buyer for life!

  15. anon

    Don’t wear to bed!
    15 March 2019

    This does give a good tan. However I have tried it twice, putting on just before bed and it came out patchy both times. I would suggest applying it during the day instead to make sure it’s even

  16. Spitfire Lulu

    Will always buy
    15 March 2019

    After using St Moritz and not getting the colour I wanted (I’m sure I become immune, haha), I ordered this and I love it.
    Easy to apply, fades nicely, beautiful natural colour.

  17. Mrs G

    Absolutely amazing, so realistic and gorgeous
    11 March 2019
    Verified Purchase
    I must admit I was reluctant to try this. I’ve used every possible brand going for self tan and I’ve had beautiful bronze to glowing orange! The price of this with the mitt made me think it may be a bit rubbish, but I was wrong!! I regularly review things online and on my channel and believe me I’ll be glad to review this over and over!! I’m definitely wanting to order a couple more to actually do a full review. I wanted to try this myself a couple of times at least before writing this and ordering more. The product arrived beautifully packaged with full instructions and literally everything needed to be able to do and know how to do a full body tan. I decided to apply this when I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a couple of days. I started just my upper body initially. The guide colour is absolutely beautiful! I left it for just a couple of hours before rinsing in Luke warm water. As always the beautiful guide colour was vanishing down the drain! But, what it left was a gorgeous stunning glow with a sun kissed look. I’m a bit of a sun worshiper. I go abroad a fair bit and also use sun beds. The colour I go is hard to get from a self tan, only found one brand that I can get the same. Others are ok and some are close, but so far only one other has given me as near as to the colour I go when I use beds or bathe in the sun. I am all for supporting small business and always try to do so where possible. So I ordered this thinking if it wasn’t any good it wasn’t a huge amount of money! I honestly didn’t expect much. Omg how wrong I was!! After the first rinse it was a beautiful but more subtle colour (I’m quite tanned still and not hugely pale, so it would leave a pale person with an absolute gorgeous colour in my opinion!! I decided to apply a second coat whilst I was doing my skincare about to go to bed. I applied it all over and waited about 20 mins before getting into bed. I laid on a towel just to be sure as I have white bedding. I put some loose pjs on and went to bed. I woke up 7 hours later looking like I had been in the Caribbean for 3 weeks constantly in the sun! It was such a dark rich colour! I went down for breakfast and didn’t rush to rinse. I finally rinsed about 9 hours after applying. It left me with such a stunning tan! My daughter is obsessed with it and made me do hers immediately! I went out for dinner with family and everyone commented asking where I had been on holiday because I was super tanned. When I told people it was a self tan many didn’t believe me!! There is no awful smell to it. It barely transfers to sheets etc. It rinses beautiful and provided you follow the instructions (they’re brilliant and very informative for new people who wouldn’t usually self tan!) you’ll get a beautiful natural looking tan. I’m 4days I’m now and it’s not looking patchy, blotchy or anything. It’s not starting to fade yet, but I’ll update if it goes patchy etc. But I genuinely don’t think it will. The mitt is very well made, sewn not glued, it’s beautiful and soft. Cleans well and looks like new again. You don’t need a huge amount of this, but if you want to be super dark do a second layer over night and you’ll look like you’ve been away somewhere hot. It’s got almost a burgundy type undertone, but it gives a warm but olive colour. So natural it’s unreal. No dark spots on elbows, hands or knees etc (but I always moisturise and only glide gently over them when very little left on mitt) I’m just super shocked at how fantastic this is for the money!! I honestly love it! I’ve been trying to upload a photo but for some reason can’t. But as and when I can I’ll update. Thanks again for making this fantastic product!! I’ve now lost my bottle to my daughter, so need to order more, but believe me I’ll be ordering a few more over the next few weeks to stock up. Sorry for such a long review, I never ever write huge reviews on here usually because I tend to review elsewhere and on my channel. But I feel it’s a thousand percent warranted!! Please don’t let the price worry you or fool you. It’s a fab product worth twice the price!! (Please don’t increase it though ☺️ )

  18. Hannah89

    Best tan, amazing price
    2 March 2019

    love this tan! I’ve been using the same brand for 4 years but decided to give this ago. I love to be really dark and with this in super dark but actually BROWN and not even the hint of orange. Smells amazing. Only.reason I have 4 stars is because I found it was a bit harder to rinse off evenly but that’s it!

  19. Alexandra McCleod

    Way better than St Tropez
    22 February 2019

    LOVE this. Easily the best fake tan I’ve used, and so reasonable too. Goes on so smoothly and doesn’t build and stick together like a huge amount of tans I’ve used before. I have olive skin so the dark was perfect for me as often I don’t feel like I see a huge difference when I put on a tan. Basically no smell to it either, and what there is is v pleasant. Will be absolutely sticking to this from here on out!