Natural ‘Sisal’ Exfoliating Mitt, FREE with Gradual Tan

The Radiant Glo natural Sisal plant based exfoliating mitt for bath & shower use.





The Radiant Glo Exfoliation Mitt will remove any unwanted tan residue. It helps to remove dead skin cells which will rejuvenate your skin and the increase in circulation may also help to reduce the formation of cellulite (also ideal for those of us who wax to prevent ingrown hairs).

This Radiant Glo mitt is perfect to use immediately prior to applying spray tanning or self- tanning products.

The MUST HAVE prep tool for your perfect Radiant Glo Tan!

How to use your mitt:

  • Dampen your mitt in the shower and using the exfoliating side, rub with light sweeping upwards movements, starting from your feet.
  • Move upwards towards hips and from your hands up towards your shoulders.
  • Designed for use on either hand.
  • Rinse mitt after use and allow to hang dry before re-use.
  • When finished, use the towelling side to rinse.
  • The mitt can also be used to dry brush the skin prior to tanning without the need for showering.The exfoliating side of your mitt is made from the sustainably grow plant Sisal. Sisal is a fibre that is native to Mexico derived from the Agave plant (Yay, tequila!), it is a hardy plant that grows in hot climates.In addition, it is actually able to grow in dry areas that tend to be, for the crops, quite unsuitable. These can be cut or crushed. This is then made into a pulp from the fibres. The other side is towelling.
    How to care for your mitt:
  • Hand wash in warm water.
  • Wash between applications and hang to dry.
  • Do not bleach or iron.
  • Machine washable.
  • Do not tumble dry.WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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Additional information


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