Tents & Extraction

Tanning Tents and extraction come in all shapes sizes and costs. The favourite and mostly used is the Portable Pop Up Enclosure Tent. Pop-Up Tanning tents assists salons and mobile therapists in providing a professional environment for the customer, whilst ensuring that any over spray is contained in an area or filtered away. The Pop-Up Tent has a 1/3rd clear vinyl top which lets in light to aid in visibility for the therapist. Also, there is a built in back ‘flap’ which is used for the insertion of an extraction unit. The Tanning Essential Mobile Turbo Twister is an ideal extraction unit for use in Pop Up Tents. Once you start spray tanning you will quickly learn that over spray can be a real issue. The Mobile Twister air filter systems keep operators and clients comfortable as well as minimise messy over spray created while spray tanning. These pop-up enclosures are the ideal portable solutions for Salons & mobile spray tanning therapists and for any location where space is limited. Similarly, the Wall Hanging Curtain has been perfectly designed for those with limited floor space. The curtain hooks at the top and rests naturally when spread out at the base. Videos are available to further information.

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