Tanning Machines

From the Aura Compact Elite to the Aura Allure (and everything in-between) your Spray Tanning machine is a vital component in your Spray Tanning Business. Correctly functioning tanning equipment is key to creating flawless spray tans. If your machine is not set to its optimal level, you may be spraying too much or too little solution, the consequences of either are detrimental to your business. Spraying too much solutions create a wet client and over saturation of product on the skin which can result in patchiness and long waiting time for your client to dry. Also, you obviously use more solution. Typically, if you are using 50ml per client you are getting only 20 tans from your 1 litre bottle, whereas if you are correctly using around 40ml (per full body) this will give you an extra 5 tans per litre bottle. At £20 per tan, that’s an extra £100 you could be making just from 1 bottle! So, which is the best spray tanning machine to buy? In our opinion, for starting out and relatively low usage (up to 15 tans per day-at intervals) the Aura Compact Elite is a tried and trusted tanning machine. Light and easy to use and adjust, it’s a spray tan industry favourite. For the busier spray tan therapist, it would be hard to find a better machine than the Aura Allure. This black and gold coloured, sublimely beautiful, spray tan machine is the industries most respected workhorse, it simply goes on and on. Imported from Germany it is the choice of Professional Spray Tanners. So, you have your best tanning machine and we give you the full range of Radiant Glo Tanning Solutions Free with each machine, so you have the best possible combination, but still there could be one thing missing from creating the perfect spray tanning business, technique! Learning how to correctly spray tan is the third piece of the jigsaw. Never underestimate premium quality spray tan training, it’s essential. Radiant Glo can provide comprehensive Fully Accredited Spray Tan Training. With the machine, the solution and the training you will be truly unstoppable.

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