OMG! My tan has disappeared!!

You’ve taken a trip to your tanning professional and have been left with a gorgeous, rich and beautiful tan. Your tanning professional has advised you this is a Rapid Tan and to wash your tan off after 2 hours*. You jump in the shower at the advised time and follow her specific instructions:

  • Use tepid water (not hot)
  • Use no soaps or shower products
  • Let the water run clear (around 30-40 seconds)
  • Pat your skin dry, and do not rub
  • Do not apply moisturisers or lotions

You follow her advice perfectly and race to look in the mirror and see Snow White staring back at you!! OMG my tan has disappeared!!

Where has my tan gone?

Don’t panic! This is exactly what is supposed to happen when you shower off a rapid tan. People seem to think, wrongly, that a 2 hour tan leaves you with a fully developed tan.

This is not the case.

The initial tan you had leaving the salon is a cosmetic bronzer that the therapist sprays on to ensure that she has covered every part of your body evenly with the tanning solution. The active ingredient, DHA, needs around 24 hours to fully develop the colour. This is why it is so important to have a light rinse in cool water so that you do not halt the DHA working. Hot water or shower/moisturiser products can stop this process.

So the rapid part of the tan gives you the ability to shower it off quickly and get on with your day, or go to bed without staining your white, cotton bed linen! Also you will not get that dreaded ‘fake tan’ smell!

The tan development will still take the same amount of time. Patience is required!

Even your second shower within the 24 hour period (if required) should be quick and in tepid water. Do not use any soaps, moisturisers on the skin in those first 24 hours.

After this time, your tan should be fully developed and you will be back to being the bronzed goddess of your dreams!!

We love our Rapid formulation but you also need to understand how it works!

I hope this is helpful to you all.

*Rapid formulations should be left on for a minimum of 2 hours. However, they are so customisable that you are in control of the depth of your tan. For a deeper tan, the solution can be left on for a maximum of 6 hours.