Meet Our Founder

meet our founder

Claire Taylor

Hi, my name is Claire Taylor and I have been running my own Beauty Training Academy in South Wales for the last 10 years.  In May of this year, Taylored For You Beauty Training Academy proudly received the Welsh Hair and Beauty Award for Welsh Beauty Training Academy of the Year.

Having been in the Beauty Industry for 30 years, about 6 years ago I decided to create my own spray tanning products. But because life sometimes gets in the way of your goals, It wasn’t until January 2018 that I was finally in a position to do it

Together (with my partner Wayne) we went on a mission to create a tanning solution range that we would be proud to sell.

It had to be Natural & Organic, it had to have NO harmful chemicals and it had to be Cruelty Free and Vegan. They were the 4 main aims.

The more we wrapped ourselves up in the creation of the ingredients the more fussy we became. Rapid Tanning became essential, no more messy bed sheets, Odour inhibitors so you don’t get the strong fake tan smell, fresh fragrance, but most of all it had to be a great natural looking tan, whether it’s a light shade or if you want the deep golden dark colour, it has to deliver.

We ended up talking to an Australian Company who could provide everything we hoped for.

Australia has massively risen their tanning products development, after tanning beds were banned around 2015, due to the Australian government’s concerns over the rise in skin cancer.

Everyone that has tried our products love them…. we really have had nothing but great feedback.

It’s not been easy to get to this stage, but when we see the finished product, it was more of a labour of love, than a simple brand build. Everything I wanted my tanning range to be, has been realised, and we are very proud of all the Radiant Glo professional solutions and self-tanning mousses.

I hope you love them too. Claire xx