How does a spray tan work?

Spray tanning involves applying an active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, to your skin using a specialist spraying machine. DHA is a colourless sugar which reacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer most layer of your skin to produce a brown colour.

Most spray tans contain a colour guide when you are first sprayed. These cosmetic bronzers wash off after your first shower. Your tan will continue to develop to its full strength over the next few hours. The colour of your guide is not an indication of how dark you will be. This is purely dictated by the strength of the DHA in the solution that you are using. This again gives varying results as the DHA is reacting with your skin.

The spray tan will contain various percentages of DHA depending on the solution that you and your therapist chose is suitable for you. The DHA activates immediately. Radiant Glo Spray Tan only needs to be left on for two hours and can then be showered off, yet the actual tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. The colour guide will wash off when showering. Your therapist will guide you on how long to wait until you can shower depending on your skin colour and how dark you want your tan.

How safe is a spray tan?

We all know the concerns over too much sun exposure including skin cancer and premature ageing. After thorough research, Australia started to ban the use of sunbeds in 2013. DHA has been approved by the FDA for use in the personal care industry for over 30 years.

We recommend being sprayed in a well ventilated area, or an area that includes an extraction unit. So, for a beautiful bronzed tan, there is really is only one safe option.

However, choose your spray tan wisely because our skin absorbs everything that is put on to it, so you want the best ingredients possible.

Are all spray tanning products the same?

In our opinion – NO! And here’s why:

    • Natural and organic ingredients are essential in any cosmetic product. The less man made chemical ingredients the better.
    • There are much better alternatives than Propylene Glycol, Parabens and PEGS which you will find in other tanning products, but never in Radiant Glo.
    • We are proud to display our ingredients list, many aren’t – look at our ingredient list here

What do I wear for my tan?

We suggest you wear old dark underwear – a bra is totally optional. For men, we recommend underwear or swim shorts. Your therapist will have disposable underwear available for you to use if you prefer.

How dark will my tan be?

We have different strengths of DHA in our products and your therapist will advise you of the best solution to suit your skin tone. The darker your natural colour, the darker your spray tan will be.

We recommend leaving your spray tan on for 2 – 4 hours before you lightly shower. You can leave it on for up to 6 hours for the darkest tan before your first shower. But there will be no benefit for leaving it on for longer. Remember the tan continues to develop after your shower.

How do I rinse off my tan?

Your first shower should be in luke warm water and for only 30-40 seconds for a light rinse off. No shower gels, scrubs, shampoos should be used – just plain water.

See our post tanning tips for more info.

How long will my tan last?

Your spray tan will last approximately 7-10 days depending on your daily skin care and lifestyle. As your skin naturally sheds its skin cells, your spray tan will gradually fade.

We recommend using our Radiant Glo 3 in 1 Gradual Tan Extender which is a beautiful moisturiser and has tanning agents to help prolong the life of your tan. (link to gradual tan extender)

Will a spray tan stop me tanning naturally?

No. A spray tan does not give you any protection from the sun’s UV rays. We recommend you use an SPF whilst tanning naturally.

Will I go orange?

Absolutely not! Our Spray Tan therapists will advise you on the best tan to suit your skin. There should be no orange, streaky tans!

Who should avoid spray tans?

If you have any allergies, it is always worth speaking to your tanning therapist first. A patch test is always recommended and this can be carried out by your Radiant Glo Tanning Therapist.

If you suffer from any respiratory conditions, it may be worth speaking to your therapist or your doctor before booking an appointment. Our therapists will always provide you with masks to minimise inhalation of products. Anyone who is pregnant should always seek advice from their health care practitioner before booking a spray tanning appointment.

Are your products Cruelty Free and Vegan?

100% YES! Radiant Glo is PETA-approved as Cruelty Free and Vegan and we are proud members of the Beauty without Bunnies Program.