Surely, we trust large companies, so why read the label?


Surely, we trust large companies, so why read the label?

A recent Daily Mail article (March 2019) highlighted the need for consumers to be more aware of the products that are applied to the skin.

Some of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world include ingredients in their products which are not only detrimental to our well-being but moreover, possibly deadly. The report states;

“Growing research suggests women are unknowingly exposing themselves to thousands of chemicals that have been linked to everything from eczema and acne to even infertility and cancer”

So, what are the ingredients they inform you to be aware of?

“Evidence suggests all parabens – which also include methyl and butylparaben disrupt the body’s delicate endocrine system. This is made up of all our hormone-producing glands, including the pituitary gland, pancreas and ovaries”

“ Propylene glycol, which is also added to products to maintain their scent, can cause a burning sensation on the skin, as well as kidney and liver abnormalities. The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry states it ‘may harm you’.

“Depending on the manufacturing processes, PEGs can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies these as known and possible cancer-causing substances, respectively. PEGs have even been linked to breast, stomach, bladder, pancreas and brain forms of the disease”

With that information, you would think that no rational consumer would knowingly apply a product containing PEGs to their skin, but the truth is, the majority of the buying public don’t read the ingredients.

The information we need, to make educated decisions on our health and well-being, are provided to us in the small print (sometimes ridiculously small) on the product packaging.

But the true sad fact is that the majority of today’s busy consumers believe that if an ingredient was harmful to us, in anyway, it would not be allowed!

If you believe that, ‘your government has your back’, when it comes to ‘safe ingredients’ you are sadly misinformed.

If you believe that the biggest companies in the world would protect the users of their products against any possible harmful side effect, you are sadly misinformed.

Without doubt, today’s consumer has access to all the information it needs to make sure they are not buying products that could be toxic or detrimental to their health.

But still, we live in a society where ‘trust’ is bestowed upon companies and governments that are unworthy of this honour.

We, ourselves, need to take control of our health, the food we eat and the products we put on our skin. Nobody cares about you or your loved ones more than you!

When it comes to skincare READ THE LABEL!

Are you totally happy with your spray tanning figures for last year?

Research is showing that 2018 sales figures were not great, tanning professionals up and down the country, it seems, are becoming a little disillusioned with spray tanning

Many tanning professionals are questioning if it’s worth it all.

Let’s think about this, it’s a fact, everybody loves that healthy naturally looking tanned glow. A good tan instantly induces an air of confidence and invokes the feel-good factor. Research has also shown that the population, are most definitely, still tanning!

So why some salons and tanning therapists missing out on this continued surge in spray tanning and self-tanning? Where does the problem lay?

We at Radiant Glo are convinced that any downturn in tanning sales is purely down to poor marketing and your client’s indifference to the product you are using.

Ask yourself;

“How did I promote my tanning procedures and client options in 2018?

“Did you engage in Social Media campaigns to get the word out on important platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter”

“Did my tanning provider help me with promotional posters or 6-foot roller banners, free of charge, to show off their products”

But most of all, did your tanning providers provide you with a product, that today’s knowledgeable clients demand?

Was it Natural & Organic? Is it made with beautiful ingredients such as Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Acacia, Guarana, Vitamin E, Green Tea, & Natural DHA?

Is it free from Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, No Parabens, No PEG’s?

Is it cruelty free and endorsed by PETA? Is it suitable for Vegans? Does it have a fast rinse off time?

But all that is useless, unless the product itself actually delivers a great tan.

Radiant Glo’s new tanning formula creates stunning natural looking tans and every salon or tanning therapist that has tried it, has switched over!

Now, is the time to start planning, promoting and showcasing your tanning offers for 2019.

Let your clients see what exciting NEW tanning products you have. Show them the fantastic ingredients list and all without the use of chemicals, that, in many professional’s opinions, are harmful to the skin.

Don’t be scared of self-tanning products, thinking they are detrimental to your spray tanning. In reality the opposite is true, they are a great money maker that you could be missing out on.

Radiant Glo’s retail range is everything you could want; great products, luxury application mitts, luxury exfoliating mitts and a full pre-tan and post-tan client sheet, that completely runs through everything needed to create and maintain a professional spray tan or a self-tan.

The early months of the year are when you need to show what’s new this year, plant the seeds now, you’ll be paid back come tanning season.

Use the powerful social media platforms to let them know that you are excited about this new product.

Let them see your eye-catching posters & roller banners now! Remind them that a tan takes only 10 minutes, can be rinsed off in 2 hours and can last longer if you explain that ‘Gradual Tan’ extends and moisturises.  The end result will be your clients realising, ‘I need this tan’ and your till will be ringing.

Radiant Glo spray tan solution fast tan organic
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New Year New Healthy You

New Year New You


It’s that time again when the over-eating, over drinking and sat on the sofa for too long starts to take its effect.  We are looking towards the New Year to wave its magic wand and miraculously turn us all into Victoria Secret models at the stroke of midnight!

Sadly, life is not a fairy tale and there is no magic wand.  But a few simple changes to your day to day routine can really help you along the path to a healthier and happier you.

I know it’s the same old, but the same old tried and tested techniques work – you just need to do them!!

7 steps to a great start to the new year

Increase your water intake – this is one of the simplest ones to do.  It’s free! Drinking a glass of water before food helps to fill you up.  Great for weight loss.  It also helps to maintain a healthy skin – the cheapest  beauty product on the market!

Get 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is our body’s time to recharge and reboot.  Adequate sleep is vital if you are trying to lose weight.  When you are tired, your body produces the hunger hormones which can make you overeat.  It can make you feel more stressed.  The stress hormone, cortisol is triggered and makes you crave food, often the sugary kind we want to avoid.

Find an exercise you enjoy. We all know we need to move more.  Joining a gym may be a great idea, but if it is something that you hate, the only loss will be to your bank balance.  There are so many free resources online.  Try a few home workouts – they often fit in better with busy schedules.  Find one that suits you.  The best exercise for you is the one that you will do!

Increase lymphatic drainage. This is massively helped by exercise but daily body brushing is another simple and easy way to help this.  You can buy body brushes, mitts, rollers, etc.  I love my Radiant Glo exfoliating bath & shower Mitt – it’s a great way of removing dead skin cells, and stimulates the circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage.  It’s partly made of sustainably grow plant sisal.

Clean out the fridge! This is the hard bit.  Don’t eat fake food!  Get rid of the artificial sweeteners, the chemically laden fast food and fill your fridge with real food!  Load your plate with unlimited greens and lovely fresh produce!  Remember Veganuary is starting January 1st.  No better way to dip your toe into a plant based lifestyle

Drink Green Tea (make it organic and make sure it is caffeinated) Research has shown there are massive benefits of drinking green tea. It is full of anti oxidants.  Also it allegedly can produce the process of fat being used for energy, called ‘thermogenesis’  Definitely worth having a few cups a day!

Get a tan! And of course, make sure it’s a Radiant Glo tan!  We have packed our tanning products full of skin loving ingredients.  A tan will make you look lean and toned, give your skin a beautiful glow and make you feel a million dollars!  Pop on your best Victoria Secrets undies – and there you have it!!



Happy New Year x


OMG! My tan has disappeared!!

You’ve taken a trip to your tanning professional and have been left with a gorgeous, rich and beautiful tan. Your tanning professional has advised you this is a Rapid Tan and to wash your tan off after 2 hours*. You jump in the shower at the advised time and follow her specific instructions:

  • Use tepid water (not hot)
  • Use no soaps or shower products
  • Let the water run clear (around 30-40 seconds)
  • Pat your skin dry, and do not rub
  • Do not apply moisturisers or lotions

You follow her advice perfectly and race to look in the mirror and see Snow White staring back at you!! OMG my tan has disappeared!!

Where has my tan gone?

Don’t panic! This is exactly what is supposed to happen when you shower off a rapid tan. People seem to think, wrongly, that a 2 hour tan leaves you with a fully developed tan.

This is not the case.

The initial tan you had leaving the salon is a cosmetic bronzer that the therapist sprays on to ensure that she has covered every part of your body evenly with the tanning solution. The active ingredient, DHA, needs around 24 hours to fully develop the colour. This is why it is so important to have a light rinse in cool water so that you do not halt the DHA working. Hot water or shower/moisturiser products can stop this process.

So the rapid part of the tan gives you the ability to shower it off quickly and get on with your day, or go to bed without staining your white, cotton bed linen! Also you will not get that dreaded ‘fake tan’ smell!

The tan development will still take the same amount of time. Patience is required!

Even your second shower within the 24 hour period (if required) should be quick and in tepid water. Do not use any soaps, moisturisers on the skin in those first 24 hours.

After this time, your tan should be fully developed and you will be back to being the bronzed goddess of your dreams!!

We love our Rapid formulation but you also need to understand how it works!

I hope this is helpful to you all.

*Rapid formulations should be left on for a minimum of 2 hours. However, they are so customisable that you are in control of the depth of your tan. For a deeper tan, the solution can be left on for a maximum of 6 hours.