Are you totally happy with your spray tanning figures for last year?

Research is showing that 2018 sales figures were not great, tanning professionals up and down the country, it seems, are becoming a little disillusioned with spray tanning

Many tanning professionals are questioning if it’s worth it all.

Let’s think about this, it’s a fact, everybody loves that healthy naturally looking tanned glow. A good tan instantly induces an air of confidence and invokes the feel-good factor. Research has also shown that the population, are most definitely, still tanning!

So why some salons and tanning therapists missing out on this continued surge in spray tanning and self-tanning? Where does the problem lay?

We at Radiant Glo are convinced that any downturn in tanning sales is purely down to poor marketing and your client’s indifference to the product you are using.

Ask yourself;

“How did I promote my tanning procedures and client options in 2018?

“Did you engage in Social Media campaigns to get the word out on important platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter”

“Did my tanning provider help me with promotional posters or 6-foot roller banners, free of charge, to show off their products”

But most of all, did your tanning providers provide you with a product, that today’s knowledgeable clients demand?

Was it Natural & Organic? Is it made with beautiful ingredients such as Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Acacia, Guarana, Vitamin E, Green Tea, & Natural DHA?

Is it free from Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, No Parabens, No PEG’s?

Is it cruelty free and endorsed by PETA? Is it suitable for Vegans? Does it have a fast rinse off time?

But all that is useless, unless the product itself actually delivers a great tan.

Radiant Glo’s new tanning formula creates stunning natural looking tans and every salon or tanning therapist that has tried it, has switched over!

Now, is the time to start planning, promoting and showcasing your tanning offers for 2019.

Let your clients see what exciting NEW tanning products you have. Show them the fantastic ingredients list and all without the use of chemicals, that, in many professional’s opinions, are harmful to the skin.

Don’t be scared of self-tanning products, thinking they are detrimental to your spray tanning. In reality the opposite is true, they are a great money maker that you could be missing out on.

Radiant Glo’s retail range is everything you could want; great products, luxury application mitts, luxury exfoliating mitts and a full pre-tan and post-tan client sheet, that completely runs through everything needed to create and maintain a professional spray tan or a self-tan.

The early months of the year are when you need to show what’s new this year, plant the seeds now, you’ll be paid back come tanning season.

Use the powerful social media platforms to let them know that you are excited about this new product.

Let them see your eye-catching posters & roller banners now! Remind them that a tan takes only 10 minutes, can be rinsed off in 2 hours and can last longer if you explain that ‘Gradual Tan’ extends and moisturises.  The end result will be your clients realising, ‘I need this tan’ and your till will be ringing.

Radiant Glo spray tan solution fast tan organic
Spray Tan Solution by Radiant Glo 2 Hour Rapid Formula 3 x 250ml Natural & Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 10%Light 12%Medium 14%Dark Australian Flawless Tanning – NO Propylene Glycol, Parabens or PEG’s
Self Tan Dark Mousse 200ml & Gradual Tan-Extender-Moisturiser 250ml by Radiant Glo + 2 Luxury Mitts – Natural & Organic -Fast safe Tanning – Moroccan Argan Oil – Flawless Tans – Made in Australia.radiant glo self tan pack
organic spray tanning
Spray Tan Solution – Radiant Glo – 2 Hour Rapid Formula – 3 x 1 litre pack 10% Light, 12% Medium, 14% Dark – Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – Vegan – Australian Beautiful Glow Tanner – PETA Approvedradiant glo spray tan mixed pack £75
Promotional Banners
Promote your Spray Tanning Business the most effective way possible with Radiant Glo’s large roller banner. A silent but powerful message