New Year New Healthy You

New Year New You


It’s that time again when the over-eating, over drinking and sat on the sofa for too long starts to take its effect.  We are looking towards the New Year to wave its magic wand and miraculously turn us all into Victoria Secret models at the stroke of midnight!

Sadly, life is not a fairy tale and there is no magic wand.  But a few simple changes to your day to day routine can really help you along the path to a healthier and happier you.

I know it’s the same old, but the same old tried and tested techniques work – you just need to do them!!

7 steps to a great start to the new year

Increase your water intake – this is one of the simplest ones to do.  It’s free! Drinking a glass of water before food helps to fill you up.  Great for weight loss.  It also helps to maintain a healthy skin – the cheapest  beauty product on the market!

Get 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is our body’s time to recharge and reboot.  Adequate sleep is vital if you are trying to lose weight.  When you are tired, your body produces the hunger hormones which can make you overeat.  It can make you feel more stressed.  The stress hormone, cortisol is triggered and makes you crave food, often the sugary kind we want to avoid.

Find an exercise you enjoy. We all know we need to move more.  Joining a gym may be a great idea, but if it is something that you hate, the only loss will be to your bank balance.  There are so many free resources online.  Try a few home workouts – they often fit in better with busy schedules.  Find one that suits you.  The best exercise for you is the one that you will do!

Increase lymphatic drainage. This is massively helped by exercise but daily body brushing is another simple and easy way to help this.  You can buy body brushes, mitts, rollers, etc.  I love my Radiant Glo exfoliating bath & shower Mitt – it’s a great way of removing dead skin cells, and stimulates the circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage.  It’s partly made of sustainably grow plant sisal.

Clean out the fridge! This is the hard bit.  Don’t eat fake food!  Get rid of the artificial sweeteners, the chemically laden fast food and fill your fridge with real food!  Load your plate with unlimited greens and lovely fresh produce!  Remember Veganuary is starting January 1st.  No better way to dip your toe into a plant based lifestyle

Drink Green Tea (make it organic and make sure it is caffeinated) Research has shown there are massive benefits of drinking green tea. It is full of anti oxidants.  Also it allegedly can produce the process of fat being used for energy, called ‘thermogenesis’  Definitely worth having a few cups a day!

Get a tan! And of course, make sure it’s a Radiant Glo tan!  We have packed our tanning products full of skin loving ingredients.  A tan will make you look lean and toned, give your skin a beautiful glow and make you feel a million dollars!  Pop on your best Victoria Secrets undies – and there you have it!!



Happy New Year x