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All of my clients have said the fade is so much better. Much less noticeable on the skin than when I was using xxxxx, even for me who uses a tan way more dark that I should
this tan is amazing!!! I normally go patchy or orange .... but I have had so many compliments asking where I have been on holiday!!! I haven't been anywhere - just had a Radiant Glo tan - thank you x
i recently received a sample pack from you to trial and after just one use i am amazed by the results
its bloody amazing - tanned hubby last night with the medium and he looks amazing!! - you've nailed it. I never thought I would consider switching from xxxxx but the finish is flawless, I'm a convert
I am switching tans at my salon - your tan is by the far the nicest I've tried
I have been using Radiant Glo for a few weeks now and I have had nothing but positive feedback. All of my clients love the 2 hour rapid tan and have said how natural the results are. It even smells amazing, I wont be using any other solutions from now onS. Leighprice
Have been using the mousse for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say it is the best fake tan I have used (and I have tried them all).Sarah


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